How To: Start And Stop ffmpeg Converting At a Specific Time

Whoaa, Long title there! Anyway, as the title would suggest, I am about to explain to you how to start and stop ffmpeg converting at a specific time. The command variables are very simple -ss (Start time) and -t (Convert as specified amount of time).

Sounds tricky? Don’t worry, i’ll explain it to you in detail. Let’s say for example you have a one hour long video (or audio track) that you want to start twenty minutes after the intro and then continue (used in the format, hours:minutes:seconds)

ffmpeg -i “video/audio.format” -sameq -ss 00:20:00 “output.format”

Very simple right? Ok, let’s imagine you want your video (or audio track) to start as normal but stop after one hour and twenty minutes, then use this command:

ffmpeg -i “video/audio.format” -sameq -t 01:20:00 “output.format”

And thats it! If you like this post and like to learn more about ffmpeg, Click Here to see my other ffmpeg tutorials.

NOTE: I am not responsible for any copyrighted material (ex, music videos) that get’s converted to audio or video using this method.

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