Figure it Out

Cloth Embroidered By A Schizophrenia SuffererThe Human Mind will find the Answer to Everything, Except Itself. From the nature of the wind, to the structure of the atom, the human mind has found many answers. But never the answer to it’s own existence or where it is heading. The mind itself is a complex and unpredictable piece of engineering, that is easily influenced by outer stimulus. Will it ever Figure itself out? Continue reading Figure it Out

LinkedIn Profile: Life Philosophers

LinkedIn LogoGuess what? I just joined LinkedIn! And I have created a new group, titled: Life Philosophers. If you are a member of LinkedIn, and are interested in deep philosophical questions, then I strongly suggest you join the group. I will read all of the feedback you, hopefully, provide. I will do my part, after all, we all want to get our point across.

By the way, What are you doing here anyway? Were you looking for pr0n perhaps…? If you are, then I can assure you that there are better places to look for that then here…

I will look forward to reading your thoughts!

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You Can Never Be Stupid Again

Ever thought about how good life was all those years ago? All the things you did, the things you thought, the things of mystery. Free from impure thoughts, free from strange feelings and emotions. Then it all changed. You where no longer allowed to do those things, the thoughts became taboo, the mysteries became common sense. The impure thoughts became things to strive for, strange feelings overwhelm you, the emotions are in control. Why does this happen to me? Continue reading You Can Never Be Stupid Again

My Thoughts On The Excel Saga Anime

Menchi Excel Excel Saga

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Here are my thoughts on the excel saga anime….. WTH is this!!

I find this anime extremely confusing, it seems to be about three or four different stories taking place at the same time, from what i understand. The main story is about Excel and her companion (who’s name i can’t remember right now) trying to conquer the city aside with the “ACROSS” corporation, and their attempts never seem to go as they expected.

The second story is about a guy named Pedro, he’s a dead lost soul who has just lost his wife and young son to another man, his life as a soul is filled with misery that never seems to come to an end. And he has sworn to avenge his death and lost wife.

The third story is about three young men and a woman working as civil servants who has very distinctly different personalities, their job is filled with very unusual and very dangerous missions for civil servants, but unlike Excel and her companion, they do succeed from time to time.

The fourth story is about a random person with no name who pops up once in a while and seems to have some compassion for Pedro, he pops up where ever any of the anime’s characters might be, and doing some crazy stunt or, sometimes, helps out.

The fifth and final story is about Excel’s dog Menchi, Excel sees her dog as a “emergency food supply” rather than a loving pet. It’s very clear in the anime that Menchi is afraid of Excel and he does try to escape in some episodes.

Well, thats about all I can say about Excel saga, leave a comment below and tell me what you think!!