School or Sanity First?

What comes first? School perhaps? That’s something you probably would hear from your own mother, or some other person close to you. I think it’s an very interesting question, because you hear the argument over and over again, that school comes first, before fun, before friends, before everything else you could think of. But what about your sanity, shall you study forever? Until you can no longer do it? Continue reading School or Sanity First?

Another Brick In The Wall, Another Grain Of Sand

Everyone feels special once in a while, and you should, you may be doing stuff that no one in your perimeter dares to do. Perhaps asking that girl out, or performing that crazy stunt. It’s those things that makes us unique, and continuously keeps our life-force flowing. But what if you where to realize that you are not the only one who does those things? What if there is another person out there in the big world, just like me? A individual who’s doing all of these things, just like me. Continue reading Another Brick In The Wall, Another Grain Of Sand

Identify the Feeling

What do you call it? Lust? Love? Forbidden fruit? Whatever you may call it, it’s a feeling thats hard to identify the first time, you don’t exactly know what it is, but you feel it anyway. When you are with that special someone that you can’t take your eyes of it pops up, and you don’t know what it is. It kinda feels like Lust, but not quite, that my friend, is what you call Love. Continue reading Identify the Feeling