Cherry Picking

CherriesPlanting new ideas, letting them grow and harvesting the ones that fit the mood. Will keep the critical thinker sane, but in the long run, it will make him miserable for his monotonous attitude. No one can define the truth with only one side of the argument. Its not impossible for the individual to make a conscious effort, with both eyes on the observed spectrum. Not unlike the favorite pastime of religious fanatics, Cherry Picking provides the wrong kind of comfort. Continue reading Cherry Picking

Broken Down

Wood Gas StoveMany solid structures rarely sprung into existence without enough time and effort from biology. They use the raw materials available to them in their proximity, and turn them into simple hydrocarbons. From sugar to starch. From starch to cellulose. From cellulose to hemicellulose. And finally, hemicellulose to lignin. All are Broken Down through time or intentionally, for our own profit. Continue reading Broken Down

Holy Entertainment

Donald Duck on the Walk Of FameIs it harmless fun? To see the mysteries and acts of life being played in every scenario imaginable. Reenacted or made up, humor or drama, funny or serious. The information is taken in by the viewer, past any thinkable judgment. The actors play their roles with such empathy that it has to be true. Continue reading Holy Entertainment