How To: Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress Manually

I have already posted a WordPress plugin recommendation on the plugin “Google Analytics for WordPress” and it works great. But there is a few things that I personally find annoying. First of all, it not only adds the Analytics code to the header, but also “Powered by blah blah blah” and I find that egotistic of the developer. Secondly it’s the general placement of the code, in the header, which means that the visitors web-browser will load that as one of the first elements of the page. Which will slow down the download of the main content, which is very important to me. Next I will show you how you can add the code manually to your WordPress footer. Continue reading How To: Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress Manually

Pac-Man took 4,8 million working hours

Google Pacman

Rescuetime concluded that the google pac-man game caught allot of peoples interest, 36 seconds where spent on average during the day. The game showed up on googles first page to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the game. Acording to Rescuetime, 4 819 352 working hours where lost, not to mention money.

But to some people, this is not a big problem, because we find other stuff to waste time on each day. The game also caused problems for many others, The Mozilla corporation got reports of “strange sounds” in the background that they were unable to turn off. The case was that the page were open somewhere in the background without the user knowing.

It may have caused allot of trouble, but in the end most people had a good time with the game. For those who want to waste even more time can still enjoy the game here: