Energetic Arrangement – Conservation of Mass and Energy

Swirling ThoughtsAnother well established scientific fact, turned into a new-age fable. Some over-simplified version of the Mass-Energy Equivalence opens a door for new ideas, related to our own existence. As the general idea goes: “Mass and Energy are two forms of the same entity. Therefore, death is not the end of existence. Since the mass of the corpse breaks down into energy, useful components that continue to nurture the earth”. All true and good, but this flawless logic cannot possibly apply to consciousness. As I’ve heard some new-age’rs claim. Continue reading Energetic Arrangement – Conservation of Mass and Energy

Fear of the Religious

Antichrist CrossImagine a society. Where every child gets to learn how the world and species was formed, in the first stages of school in their life. How the hard work of many men and women over the centuries has contributed to our understanding of the world, and how the future will look like. They clearly show that Knowledge Is Power. Continue reading Fear of the Religious

Philosophical, On the verge of Madness

You don’t know what you want said. You just have all of these facts in your head and don’t know how to explain them, they just come out in a random order you cannot control. Whether it’s the planets in our solar system, or the universal physical constants. You feel the urge to share your knowledge with the world, and think they would appreciate it. Yet, when you do your best, they don’t show any interest or straight out ignore you. Continue reading Philosophical, On the verge of Madness

Jupiter and Her Moons

I got the idea out of nowhere, make a scale model (almost) of Jupiter and her moons! But what should I make it out of? What about… Origami swans!! Yeah! Here’s the end results:

Ass you can see, I have included Jupiter in the middle and her four moons Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. I had to write their initials, since their whole name didn’t fit on the body. By the way, I made it in school :)