Run for Fun

JoggingMuch of what the human being does on a daily basis, rarely lacks a “purpose” or goal. Much of our evolutionary strive starts on the unconscious level, then works its way up to become aware. Where it effectively becomes part of the flesh, and arouse the senses. The average-Joe earns his prefix by following a well known script, individual effort is simply solitary works coupled with depression. Apparently, real men work-out with a purpose. Only fools Run for Fun. Continue reading Run for Fun

Reasoning with Yourself

Artificial IntelligenceTruth, Knowledge and Belief have to have equal values for the individual to be sane. To find out the truth of phenomena using reasoning, not emotion. Finding the connections and similarities, where evidence can build up and belief become valid. Knowledge, Wisdom and Intelligence are the rewards from Reasoning with Yourself. Continue reading Reasoning with Yourself

School or Sanity First?

What comes first? School perhaps? That’s something you probably would hear from your own mother, or some other person close to you. I think it’s an very interesting question, because you hear the argument over and over again, that school comes first, before fun, before friends, before everything else you could think of. But what about your sanity, shall you study forever? Until you can no longer do it? Continue reading School or Sanity First?