The Old Reader (RSS Reader) – Best Online RSS Alternative, after Google Reader Discontinuation

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I personally check RSS-feeds every day and ever since Google Reader got discontinued a while back, I’ve found a viable alternative, The Old Reader. The service easily allowed me to import my old feeds through an OPML-file, and even gave me instructions how to export my Google Reader feeds.

The service does not (yet) offer any iPhone app, or Andriod equivalent that I know of. However, since it seems to be already optimized for mobile browsers, it is not an issue of mine. Simply create a iOS homescreen shortcut from Safari, and you’re done. Fancy web 2.0 HTML5 site-build adds a nice feel and the controls are what you would expect from an RSS reader.

Apart from the occasional slowdowns, site-downs (I hope you like cats) and internal conflicts within the site crew. I highly recommend it.

How to secretly follow someone on Instagram using RSS


The willingness of Social Media users to share personal information today, is a stalkers dream. There is no art in viewing a Instagram feed anonymously, but grabbing updates, comments and likes without the user knowing. Requires a little clever use free services and RSS-feeds.

Note that in order for this to work, the Instagram user MUST have his/her feed PUBLIC and NOT PRIVATE. 


  1. Surf over to
  2. Search for the user in question and view his/her profile.
  3. Grab the RSS feed by clicking the RSS link.
  4. Paste the RSS-feed link into your favorite RSS reader. may not be the quickest website to update its feeds. Nonetheless, you are now following the Instagram user anonymously. New photo uploads will be posted to the feed.

Good luck spying!

Unknowingly Sharing – RSS Ghosts

RSS Feed

With the massive expansion of new blogs appearing on the web, complete understanding of the various features blog-platforms offer is next to impossible. Considering the pace at which these blogs are created, and inevitably, taken down.

To mistake a spam comment for a serious one, or perhaps accepting an ill-intending pingback are honest rookie mistakes. But to be completely ignorant of a subscription feature, that can be read and analyzed by anyone or anything, has some implications.

Many of the blogs I’ve seen are by, like my self, flesh and blood people with no business interests. Using his or her blog as an open diary, documenting a trip or even as a cheap egotistic publicity portal.

The lack of interest among the blogging community may act as an illusion. The illusion that the content published can never be interpreted as acts of the blogger’s personal conduct, or perhaps fanatically studied.

As with trying anything new, a little research beforehand never hurts. Neglect, or even avoidance, from SEO-traffic generating tools wont keep stalkers sticky hands away. A ghostly RSS-feed is anonymously publishing in the background, and is anonymously downloaded daily. In an almost voluntary privacy violation.