iPhone App: Privacy PGP Messenger – Sending GPG/PGP Signed Email

Privacy PGP Messenger for iOS

Ever since I first dove down into the many protocol specifications of a typical email-setup. I noticed that there is very little (no) privacy, and (absolutely) no security.

Sure, most protocols can be “tunneled” through SSL/TLS in the Session and Presentation Layer. But how can you guarantee message integrity when it relays off to another server? In between datacenters and so on? And to think every message is stored in anything but cleartext, is wishful thinking.

Most clients support S/MIME, but is embarrassingly uncommon and terrible at presenting (attachment galore). GPG/PGP is in my opinion, albeit a little tricky, the ultimate privacy solution.

Privacy PGP Messenger Example

What about mobile clients you ask? One simple and very easy to use app for sending GPG/PGP signed email is Privacy PGP Messenger for iOS. It fetches the public key associated with the email address from a public keyserver (probably MIT), signs your message and uses your existing account in the Mail app to send.

It is generally recommended with GPG/PGP software that the private key associated with your email-address is kept Private. Preferably only one copy and stored offline. Therefore, this app is not a solution for Receiving signed email.

Happy Signing!

What Happens In Facebook, (Do Not)Stay In Facebook

I came across this YouTube video today, and its quite scary. I will admit though that I haven’t taken the time to confirm its quotes, claims and references. But its chocking if true. The focus is primarily on the American user-base, and how statistics from your preferred music, movies, books, politics etc. Can be used to, among other things, generate revenue among different markets. All stated in the terms of service.

Please watch the YouTube video in full, and make your own judgment.

Dumbing Down

Im With StupidWhen the majority of population starts to get comfortable, in their ignorance of outside views, references to culture and innovation rapidly declines. Presence of the dangerous trait is more evident today, in the twenty-first century, than it ever has been in the past. The once common knowledge of a complex design is lost forever, and something only a handful individuals understand. A trend of Dumbing Down has risen, as well as its acceptance. Continue reading Dumbing Down

If i where to decide

Big BrotherHere’s my thoughts on the current Swedish “wire-tapping” law (FRA lagen)

The Swedish society today is perfect in many ways, but not when it comes to integrity, we live in a society under constant wire-tapping. Where if you do as little as nag about your work, can get you in jail for terrorism, where the communications privacy does not comply with e-mail or SMS. There’s something i want to change, bring down this stupid law and expand the communications privacy to all electronic communication. A woman buys a pack of Marlboro on a gas station, using her credit card, and then she receives “quit smoking” ads in her mailbox .

I dream of a society where people who are worried about their integrity can stay calmed, you should have the right to be anonymous if you want to, your email and your text messages should not be logged and be visible to the governments eyes. We cannot have a working society where the people are under constant wire-tapping, everyone has something to hide, that embarrassing thing that happened during your party get’s out in an email, that get’s read by the government eyes.