Club-Mate – Refreshing Perfection


With Coca-Cola making screaming profits of their over one-hundred year old idea, “Where ever the customer may be, there is a shop with Coca-Cola nearby”. It’s difficult to dare trying anything new. Something completely new and based of something you (probably) never had heard of. Have a twist-cap, glass bottle of Club-Mate.

Club-Mate is a sweetened and carbonated “Ice Tea” with high caffeine content (!!!), best served cold. It is based of Maté tea, a traditional South American hot beverage, served with a metal straw. Tea leaves are first soaked in cold water for a few minutes, then hot water is added and the tea is ready for drinking.

Bottle of Club-Mate

Club-Mate has an indescribable taste. Sweet, with a weak hint of tobacco and “strong tea”. The weak taste is so unique it stands out from anything else and grabs your attention. It’s scent is also reminiscent of very strong tea. Like a tea-bag that has been left in the hot-water cup for to long.

So much for traditional beverages, I guess it depends on where you happen to be. Look high and low, and you might find something new.

Drink Responsibly…

Symmetrical Perfection

Vitruve Luc ViatourThe struggle for the definition of normality is over. Normality is simply the mindset, judgment, ethics and cultural values of the majority in any given circle. Perfection, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Many have speculated the connection between perfection and symmetry, simply that symmetry Is perfection. But also that the struggle is endless and without goal. As soon as the pyramid has been built, there is an urge to tear it down and start over. The illusion of Symmetrical Perfection. Continue reading Symmetrical Perfection