Stressed Beyond Recognition – Fading Anguish

Charlie Brown - Cries of Anguish

All work, preparation and study comes to an end. Hopefully with a satisfactory result, if not a reward. During the process of creating -writing, painting, composing- there is a minor sensation lurking in the back of your head. A sense of stress, a sense of anxiety. Continue reading Stressed Beyond Recognition – Fading Anguish

Escaping Reality – Rinse and Repeat

Clouds Of ThoughtSoak, soak, soak. Rinse. Soak, rinse and repeat. Sometimes the human mind is too susceptible. Soaked in synthetic hormones and neurotransmitters for a couple of years, then rinsed in absence of the stuff and finally soaked again from abstinence. In other words: prescription, slow and steady detox, prescription. The cycle repeats. Continue reading Escaping Reality – Rinse and Repeat

Forbidden Fruit, Good or Bad?

There are may interpretations of Forbidden Fruit, religious, political, metaphorical etc. Ihave my own little interpretation. And it involves love, relationships and lust. How the first taste of one of these, or all of them, will affect you in the future. If I speak for myself, I’ve had a very mixed experience, which has lead me to this conclusion: I cannot possibly, by myself, figure out if it’s a Good or Bad thing. Sure, it’s always good with new experiences, but the mix and match of suffering and discomfort makes me think. Continue reading Forbidden Fruit, Good or Bad?

The Breath Doesn't Last Forever

Life is a journey towards death someone said, and the crowd saw a pessimist. You can scream and shout all you want, but the fact remains, The breath doesn’t last forever. Is it really a pessimistic thing to think or say? Because it is true, you will die one day. Some people chose to die, they commit suicide. Some people don’t want to die, and it happens anyway, they get hit by a car or buss. It’s such a obvious thing, yet scary, you either know or you don’t know. Continue reading The Breath Doesn't Last Forever

Depression: My Thoughts and Experiences

I don’t know if I have been so personal as i’m about to be in this post, i’m about to share with you my own thoughts and experiences with depression. Me, Myself and I had about 2-4 years of varying depression. It’s been a inspiring, fascinating and most of all sad experience. Not me or anyone else know how or why it started, but thats a point not worth investigating, especially when you are at your lowest in life. Continue reading Depression: My Thoughts and Experiences