Divided, Rebuilt and Lost Forever

Smashed CarI have never been interested in mathematics, partly because of my failures in Practical Math class. In any case, I stumbled across a very simple and well established idea, that caused a Paradigm Shift in my way of thinking. I have yet to come up with a practical example, but I can however visualize similar concepts that are of the same nature. Dividing something, then adding the results, in an effort to rebuild. It rarely looks the same it once was, whatever IT may be. Continue reading Divided, Rebuilt and Lost Forever

Grow or Wither

Grow Or WitherOut of Many, OneLatin Proverb. You depend on the actions of others, and their health may depend on yours. It’s easy to forget that much of what we do, is what determines our future. The Cause will have an Effect. Good or Bad, Thoughtful or Evil. It will make you Grow or Wither. Continue reading Grow or Wither