Life Means Suffering

SufferingThe great Siddharta Gautama uttered one sentence, which sounds so pessimistic, yet is so true. Life Means Suffering, now before you start to scream your arguments and try to prove me wrong, keep this in mind. What happens during birth? You scream of suffering. What happens during life? You suffer from sickness. Death? Your suffer from pain.
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Hey, I'm in a Band!

The Band

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I had a quite exciting day today, me and my band played live! It’s not the first time we have played live, but this time we certainly had a bigger audience than anytime before. We only played two songs, and the crowd seemed to like it :) Here’s the songs that we played:

We haven’t thought of a name yet, but i would like it to be something like “Used Strings”. And BTW, I’m the guitar guy ;)

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