Fedora 13, Ready to boot

Fedora 13

Fedora 13 is Red Hats development distribution and it’s here where you will find the latest code, the latest applications and the newest bugs. The distro is aimed towards a skilled Linux user and experts who want to play around. Theres allot of new features in Fedora 13. On the desktop side of things theres open 3d hardware acceleration, which is a long time awaited feature. By installing the mesa-dri-drivers-experimental package and rebooting, you can play a wide verity of 3d-games on your Linux box without proprietary drivers. There is drivers available for Intel, ATI and Nvidia.

Printing has been simplified in Fedora 13. It’s aware when you plug in a printer and on it’s own downloads the drivers from the internet and installs them, allot like Microsoft driver search. Fedora claims it’s as easy as 1. Plug in the printer 2. Print. Support for color correction makes Fedora 13 attractive to illustrators and designers. Fedora 13 also comes with a entirely new way of installing over the network. The project is called boot.fedora.org. By booting from a miniature version of the core, you can chose how the computer should be booted. You can either install it or boot the entire operating system over the network.

If you are on your way to IPV6, then it’s Fedora 13 you are supposed to look at. Fedora 13 comes with support for the network filesystem nfsv4. Support for disk management is also more flexible than before, a new tool makes it easy to measure the performance between your volumes. The developer also has a few new features in Fedora 13. With Systemtap you can see what the core is doing as well as your applications.

Fedora 13 can be downloaded from: http://www.fedoraproject.org

Reference: IDG.se

My Thoughts On Linux


What’s peppoj’s take on Linux? Well, i have to say that i don’t use Linux very much these days, but i used to be a full time Linux user. These days i use either Mac 10.6 for work and Windows XP for games and rarely boot up Linux, however i find the Linux community quite interesting and funny, like this quote here:

Microsoft gives you windows, Linux gives you the whole house.

There always seem to be a solution to any problem when working in Linux, just a quick google search and you have nearly one hundred forum posts about the problem and how to solve it, problem solving made easy indeed! I have thought of installing the latest Ubuntu Linux distro here on my Mac, I’ve heard that it can be done but i don’t want to break anything. But i still sometimes miss the look and feel of Ubuntu and the Linux command line.

What do you think?

Ubuntu Linux Lucid Lynx: Social to Boot

Lucid Lynx

Like some of the other Ubuntu releases, Lucid Lynx is LTS or “Long Term Support” meaning that the desktop version will be supported for three years and the server version for five years. This version also comes with a netbook version, with improved boot-up time.

Now to the stuff i want to talk about, The desktop in this Ubuntu version is social even from the first boot-up in the form of a built in integration in the panels Memenu, with Twitter, Identi.ca, Facebook and other social networks. A new design with cleaner boot-up, a new area for messages and a new desktop background should, according too the developers, give the distro a new fancy look, there’s also a new theme with new icons.

On the server side theres been allot of improvement on cloud computing and also a few security updates, There’s now Apparmor profiles for key features and a easily configured firewall.

Reference: Datormagazin, Sweden