Första Svenska post FTW!!

Jag sitter här aldeles genomblöt efter att ha sprungit från tåget hem i regnet, jag har nämligen varit på den så kallade “Kultur bombningen” som Piratpartiet hade anlagt på Sergels torg. Jag var nämligen där som aktivist idag, jag har träffat mycket trevliga pirater, inte minst min hjälte Rick Falkvinge. Jag måste säga att jag har träffat mycket bra och trevliga människor som är för Piratpartiet, men också en del emot. Jag hoppas att jag har lyckats skaffa några nya väljare. Continue reading Piratpartiet


Lucky me :D

Peppoj here again! As i have mentioned before, me and my family where on vacation on the Canary Islands and i took the time to check the cigarette prices, since i smoke. And guess what! A pack of Lucky’s was only 1,6 €!! and a carton 14,50 € It really shouldn’t be a surprise since the Canary Islands is not a member of the european union. Anyway, since it was so cheap I decided yo buy a whole carton, unfortunately the EU restrictions only allow me to buy ONE carton with 200 cigarettes, damn.

If i where to decide

Big BrotherHere’s my thoughts on the current Swedish “wire-tapping” law (FRA lagen)

The Swedish society today is perfect in many ways, but not when it comes to integrity, we live in a society under constant wire-tapping. Where if you do as little as nag about your work, can get you in jail for terrorism, where the communications privacy does not comply with e-mail or SMS. There’s something i want to change, bring down this stupid law and expand the communications privacy to all electronic communication. A woman buys a pack of Marlboro on a gas station, using her credit card, and then she receives “quit smoking” ads in her mailbox .

I dream of a society where people who are worried about their integrity can stay calmed, you should have the right to be anonymous if you want to, your email and your text messages should not be logged and be visible to the governments eyes. We cannot have a working society where the people are under constant wire-tapping, everyone has something to hide, that embarrassing thing that happened during your party get’s out in an email, that get’s read by the government eyes.