Truth, Not Desire. The Battles of Blind Arrogance

Fuck YouPreaching a radical opinion, in an effort to gain different perspectives and (maybe) see how far the limits of hate-speech go. Will perhaps stir an uproar among the crowd, depending of course how language is used. Arguments are well laid out, victims of discussion have been plucked and the debate can begin. Lets set the timer and see how long before truthful arguments, turn into embarrassing arrogance. Continue reading Truth, Not Desire. The Battles of Blind Arrogance

Independent, Not Evil

Lucem FerreTo play by your own rules, and not follow those of others, is sometimes regarded as Evil. The Rebellious lifestyle and judgment is considered stupid, or immature by the masses. It doesn’t only imply to law and order, but philosophy and line of thought. You are only human. And Independent, Not Evil. Continue reading Independent, Not Evil

Holy Entertainment

Donald Duck on the Walk Of FameIs it harmless fun? To see the mysteries and acts of life being played in every scenario imaginable. Reenacted or made up, humor or drama, funny or serious. The information is taken in by the viewer, past any thinkable judgment. The actors play their roles with such empathy that it has to be true. Continue reading Holy Entertainment

Bad Boy

Anime Bad BoyYou have your own hopes and dreams, You are active in everything you do, You are the leader of the tribe. You are independent of any needs and emotions, You do everything you feel is right, You are emotionally strong, You don’t like something just because you don’t like it. You are a Bad Boy Continue reading Bad Boy