Endless Struggle

HierarchyThe Endless Struggle of mankind. The relic urge for power over everything. Your vision of the world is perfect, you know what you need and where everyone has their place. Greed is not a part of your vocabulary, They need to listen up and obey your rules. Cooperation is not possible, only you understand your vision. Continue reading Endless Struggle

Philosophical, On the verge of Madness

You don’t know what you want said. You just have all of these facts in your head and don’t know how to explain them, they just come out in a random order you cannot control. Whether it’s the planets in our solar system, or the universal physical constants. You feel the urge to share your knowledge with the world, and think they would appreciate it. Yet, when you do your best, they don’t show any interest or straight out ignore you. Continue reading Philosophical, On the verge of Madness

Violence Is The Answer

Strange title ey? “Violence Is The Answer”, but isn’t it “Violence Is Never The Answer”? That may be true, like the all famous Mahatma Gandhi, he never resorted to violence. But stop and think for a moment, what about the mass extinction of jews during WW2? Then you couldn’t just sit around and watch, the soldiers had to take action and stop the killings. Continue reading Violence Is The Answer