Put the Power Back

Riot PoliceThe Police, Fire department, Army and Overall Government are your Employees. The idea behind democracy in general, is to have a political system where the people have the ability to influence the leaders. It’s a cute idea, but like it usually ends, human greed takes over human need. There is no way back to our human roots, our dependence has grown to large. Continue reading Put the Power Back

Let's Talk About Politics

Yes, let’s talk about politics.

I figured that it might be a good idea, since that the election is coming up here in Sweden. However, you might not be from Sweden and also might not understand the political system we have here. So I’m going to try and explain it to you, at least the way i see it ;)

First of all there are about eight (i think) different parties to choose from, along with some third parties. However, as with most politics, they have merged into two sides, left and right, red and blue. The left/red side has a socialistic/democratic view, while the right/blue side has a conservative/liberal view, the current ruler is the right side. And there are of course the third parties that take very little part in sides and stick to their own agenda, in which they think about issues that the bigger parties don’t care about.

There is one third party that i’m particularly fond of, and it’s called “Piratpartiet” (The Pirate Party). They are concerned about issues regarding patents and privacy etc. You think that such a party wouldn’t be very recognized in such a harsh and difficult system, but no, they have become very popular and has inspired other countries to start their own similar party.

If you find politics confusing, then you are not alone, I’m as confused as you are and i still don’t know who i should vote for. You would think that it would be Piratpartiet, but the answer is no, I still haven’t decided.

If i where to decide

Big BrotherHere’s my thoughts on the current Swedish “wire-tapping” law (FRA lagen)

The Swedish society today is perfect in many ways, but not when it comes to integrity, we live in a society under constant wire-tapping. Where if you do as little as nag about your work, can get you in jail for terrorism, where the communications privacy does not comply with e-mail or SMS. There’s something i want to change, bring down this stupid law and expand the communications privacy to all electronic communication. A woman buys a pack of Marlboro on a gas station, using her credit card, and then she receives “quit smoking” ads in her mailbox .

I dream of a society where people who are worried about their integrity can stay calmed, you should have the right to be anonymous if you want to, your email and your text messages should not be logged and be visible to the governments eyes. We cannot have a working society where the people are under constant wire-tapping, everyone has something to hide, that embarrassing thing that happened during your party get’s out in an email, that get’s read by the government eyes.