Copycat Counterfeit

Black CatThere is no one to blame, the chain has gone on to far, far before my own existence. We are all Copycats, a Counterfeit copy of someone else. From our parents, their parents and their parents. An endless chain of copying attitude and personality. Continue reading Copycat Counterfeit

School or Sanity First?

What comes first? School perhaps? That’s something you probably would hear from your own mother, or some other person close to you. I think it’s an very interesting question, because you hear the argument over and over again, that school comes first, before fun, before friends, before everything else you could think of. But what about your sanity, shall you study forever? Until you can no longer do it? Continue reading School or Sanity First?

It Runs Linux!!

When me and my family where on our way to the Canary Islands, i noticed something that made me really happy, the entertainment system on the airplane runs Linux!! I was watching Avatar and then suddenly the system rebooted, my first thought was that the system must probably run on some crappy windows version, but then i saw a happy little tux up in the left corner.

Here’s some pics i took:

Oh, and solved some sudoku :)

My Thoughts on Half-Life

Half-Life 2

I’ve been playing Half-Life 2 and it’s related games for a few years now, and i must say that i’m always as impressed as i was the first time!!! Just the thought that Valve put so much effort in to these games just amazes me, think of all the time it must have taken to design and record all the characters voices. The game has really nice design and overall graphics.

This is however not the first Half-Life game i have been playing, i’ve play the original Half-Life and the classic Counter-Strike from the 90’s since i was eleven years old. And i can’t wait for Half-Life 2 Episode 3!!

Have you played Half-Life as much as i have? What do you think, Leave a comment below!