Truth, Not Desire. The Battles of Blind Arrogance

Fuck YouPreaching a radical opinion, in an effort to gain different perspectives and (maybe) see how far the limits of hate-speech go. Will perhaps stir an uproar among the crowd, depending of course how language is used. Arguments are well laid out, victims of discussion have been plucked and the debate can begin. Lets set the timer and see how long before truthful arguments, turn into embarrassing arrogance. Continue reading Truth, Not Desire. The Battles of Blind Arrogance

Get my Way

DevilSo What I Lied, The Truth Would have been SuicideSick Puppies. One lie can lead to another, it can go on for so long that it’s impossible to break the chain, without hurting someone in any way. When the opportunity of a lifetime rise to attention, the temptation is so strong it takes over. The temptation to finally Get your Way. Continue reading Get my Way