Truth, Not Desire. The Battles of Blind Arrogance

Fuck YouPreaching a radical opinion, in an effort to gain different perspectives and (maybe) see how far the limits of hate-speech go. Will perhaps stir an uproar among the crowd, depending of course how language is used. Arguments are well laid out, victims of discussion have been plucked and the debate can begin. Lets set the timer and see how long before truthful arguments, turn into embarrassing arrogance. Continue reading Truth, Not Desire. The Battles of Blind Arrogance

Cherry Picking

CherriesPlanting new ideas, letting them grow and harvesting the ones that fit the mood. Will keep the critical thinker sane, but in the long run, it will make him miserable for his monotonous attitude. No one can define the truth with only one side of the argument. Its not impossible for the individual to make a conscious effort, with both eyes on the observed spectrum. Not unlike the favorite pastime of religious fanatics, Cherry Picking provides the wrong kind of comfort. Continue reading Cherry Picking

See Through Reality

Telling SecretsThe common Philosophy What you see is what you get is not always true. Individuals you meet and communicate with have many secrets of their life, they not willfully share. Behavioral shaping by influential figures can give an almost predictable behavior in certain situations, if you knew who those figures where. Study of these concepts will bring new perceptions, and the ability to See Through Reality. Continue reading See Through Reality

Slow but Moving

OctaoxygenI am Slow but Moving. My physical structure is solid, and at no threat to my environment. But my mind is on a constant move, it never stops, never sleeps. The Stubborn and Rebellious outlook on life, brings confusion to the masses. The relic mindset of violence only accounts for what you can touch, not what the mind can create. Continue reading Slow but Moving

Get my Way

DevilSo What I Lied, The Truth Would have been SuicideSick Puppies. One lie can lead to another, it can go on for so long that it’s impossible to break the chain, without hurting someone in any way. When the opportunity of a lifetime rise to attention, the temptation is so strong it takes over. The temptation to finally Get your Way. Continue reading Get my Way