Thunderf00t – ONE Second to Change your Life

Another great monologue by Thunderf00t. Discussing perspective on time, distance and space. To the awesome visuals powered by Open-Source goodness.

Original YouTube video description Continue reading Thunderf00t – ONE Second to Change your Life

What is Life?

BacteriaWhat is Life?, or rather, how do you Defy life? It is a tricky concept to get your head around, with many possibilities for answers, but with little understanding of them. Life can mean simple unintentional movement, to complex living organisms. They both exist, which of them gets the cake? Continue reading What is Life?

Light and Strong

I don’t know how you do it, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. You are here, you are ready. With your silvery, reflective coating. I treat you with the respect you deserve, you burn and spit by the slightest mistake. You don’t have the same attraction as your older brother, but far more abundance. Both you and your brother share the same timidity, you are easily found but hard to negotiate, yet, I Love You Continue reading Light and Strong

The Grudge Between Silver and Jupiter

I can see them in the sky, looking at each other with a constant grudge. They are like two queens trying to outnumber each other in glory and wealth. Silver has the glory of sustaining life. Jupiter has the wealth of having so much resources. They are both equally important, Silver sustains the life of seven billion people on Tellus, And Jupiter is mother to it’s four children Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Continue reading The Grudge Between Silver and Jupiter