Resistance of Destruction

Io And JupiterThe pulling force of the great one is pulling me apart, literally. The constant hatred She reflects towards me makes me active and self-destructive, but has never killed me. It simply made me unique. Now I am like none of her three other children. I am the only one who is active on the outside, because of my Resistance of Destruction. Continue reading Resistance of Destruction

Social Mastery or Group Mastery?

This post is going to be a follow up to another post I did a while back called Social-Development or Self-Development, It’s not critical but I recommend you go and read it first, you can find it HERE. First I’d like to mention that it took me a while to think of the title, the best I could come up with is Group Mastery. I know what it means in my head, but I don’t know how to explain it in English, I’ll try anyway. Continue reading Social Mastery or Group Mastery?