Run for Fun

JoggingMuch of what the human being does on a daily basis, rarely lacks a “purpose” or goal. Much of our evolutionary strive starts on the unconscious level, then works its way up to become aware. Where it effectively becomes part of the flesh, and arouse the senses. The average-Joe earns his prefix by following a well known script, individual effort is simply solitary works coupled with depression. Apparently, real men work-out with a purpose. Only fools Run for Fun. Continue reading Run for Fun

Copycat Counterfeit

Black CatThere is no one to blame, the chain has gone on to far, far before my own existence. We are all Copycats, a Counterfeit copy of someone else. From our parents, their parents and their parents. An endless chain of copying attitude and personality. Continue reading Copycat Counterfeit

Freedom in Truth

Statue Of TruthEveryone has the same capability, dare to disagree and find the Truth in questions. You have been told since you where born, to follow and listen to your Superior. Divine being or elderly, the intention is same, Dogma. To break the chain takes great courage and risk. In other words, to see the Freedom in Truth. Continue reading Freedom in Truth

Public Relations

Public RelationsThe key to a companies relation to the public is their PR person, they either volunteered or got chosen to their position, due to their manipulative ability and superior knowledge about their task in relation to the public. In the same way, you have to develop your own relation to the public, in order to get your point across. Continue reading Public Relations