Put the Power Back

Riot PoliceThe Police, Fire department, Army and Overall Government are your Employees. The idea behind democracy in general, is to have a political system where the people have the ability to influence the leaders. It’s a cute idea, but like it usually ends, human greed takes over human need. There is no way back to our human roots, our dependence has grown to large. Continue reading Put the Power Back

Political System Conspiracy

United NationsWe all had it very simple once. Simply put down the troublemakers with a Colt, cut their head of with an axe or burn them to death. The “political” system was merely humanistic. Based on lust, violence, greed and envy. Then the people had enough, enough of the violence and invented what we now call Humanistic. A system ruled by the people. Continue reading Political System Conspiracy

The Power Of (Political) Unions

There’s been allot of different ways to rule a country over the past centuries. If we focus on the past, we notice that theres been allot of different monarchies and aristocracies that had their own way of power. But what about the rest of the people? Don’t they have anything to say for themselves? Continue reading The Power Of (Political) Unions