Lucky me :D

Peppoj here again! As i have mentioned before, me and my family where on vacation on the Canary Islands and i took the time to check the cigarette prices, since i smoke. And guess what! A pack of Lucky’s was only 1,6 €!! and a carton 14,50 € It really shouldn’t be a surprise since the Canary Islands is not a member of the european union. Anyway, since it was so cheap I decided yo buy a whole carton, unfortunately the EU restrictions only allow me to buy ONE carton with 200 cigarettes, damn.

Tobacco owns the World

Tobacco PlantTobacco fucking owns the world, including me. It’s impossible to have a walk on the street, go in to a supermarket and not see some ad for Marlboro or Level cigarettes. Can an addiction have such a big impact on society? Or is it something else? Like the economy today.

I mean, think about it, tobacco is such a big part of our society today that you don’t even notice all the signs and people smoking around you. I’m not saying that I’m against tobacco, quite the opposite, i love tobacco. And i would never want anyone to take that away from me, sure it’s bad for your health, but hey, it’s a part of society ;)

What do you think?