WordPress Plugin – WP Minify

WordPress is great. It does all of the hard work for you, manages Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Layout etc. All of that is great and all, but it could be better. The code contains allot of spaces, comments and other crap that isn’t necessary. One solution would be to open up all of the files and edit them manually, but that takes to much time and effort, what you really want to be doing is some blogging. Then this is your solution WordPress Plugin WP Minify. It “Minifies” all of your CSS and Javascript and puts it into one file, which in turns makes your blog allot faster. You can download the plugin HERE or install it through the WordPress Dashboard.

Hearts, Planets and Other Unicode Symbols

Ever seen a heart in a HTML document? Or perhaps a Word processing document? Not an image, an actual hear, in which you can copy and paste. Just like it was a part of the font package. Well it is, on most operating systems. And it’s apart of UTF-8 UNICODE, so you can use it almost anywhere, just make sure you have to right syntax. Here’s the syntax for some symbols in HTML:

Name Symbol HTML CODE
Heart-1: &#9829
Heart-2: &#9825
Star-1: &#9733
Star-2: &#9734
Ohm: &#x2384
Sun: &#9737
Mercury: &#9791
Venus: &#9792
Earth-Moon: ♁ ☽ &#9793-&#9789
Mars: &#9794
Ceres: &#9907
Jupiter: &#9795
Saturn: &#9796
Uranus: &#9797
Neptune: &#9798
Pluto: &#9799

Cool huh? If you want more, check out Peppoj.net/symb.html for more. Keep checking it, cause I will keep adding stuff that I find interesting.

Do you have a symbol you want me to add? Leave a comment!