Self-Indulgent Commotion – A Life In Pictures

Ida Eleonora

No poetry, short stories, novels or text of any sort. Just pictures. Emotions and rationality expressed in JPEGs and GIFs, topped of with loosely associated hashtags. A mixed genre covering music, beauty, pleasure and freedom. With a subtle but noticeable hipster tone.

The aesthetic masterpiece IdaEleonora@Tumblr is worth checking out. She has mastered the simple but effective ideal, of using pictures to share humanistic traits we can all relate to. Using nothing more than her intention of sharing a momentary state of mind. LOVE IT!

You Can Never Be Stupid Again

Ever thought about how good life was all those years ago? All the things you did, the things you thought, the things of mystery. Free from impure thoughts, free from strange feelings and emotions. Then it all changed. You where no longer allowed to do those things, the thoughts became taboo, the mysteries became common sense. The impure thoughts became things to strive for, strange feelings overwhelm you, the emotions are in control. Why does this happen to me? Continue reading You Can Never Be Stupid Again

Break Down The Wall

All people in life once or twice comes to a point where they have to move forward, even though their instincts are telling them not to. They have to “Break down the wall” so to speak, that big fat brick wall in front of them, that’s blocking them from moving forward. In other words, you have to swallow your cowardess and JUST DO IT. Continue reading Break Down The Wall

Identify the Feeling

What do you call it? Lust? Love? Forbidden fruit? Whatever you may call it, it’s a feeling thats hard to identify the first time, you don’t exactly know what it is, but you feel it anyway. When you are with that special someone that you can’t take your eyes of it pops up, and you don’t know what it is. It kinda feels like Lust, but not quite, that my friend, is what you call Love. Continue reading Identify the Feeling


Första Svenska post FTW!!

Jag sitter här aldeles genomblöt efter att ha sprungit från tåget hem i regnet, jag har nämligen varit på den så kallade “Kultur bombningen” som Piratpartiet hade anlagt på Sergels torg. Jag var nämligen där som aktivist idag, jag har träffat mycket trevliga pirater, inte minst min hjälte Rick Falkvinge. Jag måste säga att jag har träffat mycket bra och trevliga människor som är för Piratpartiet, men också en del emot. Jag hoppas att jag har lyckats skaffa några nya väljare. Continue reading Piratpartiet