New-Age Hipsters – Analog Nostalgia

Polaroid Pictures

When the records have worn out, the super 8 collection discoloured and your stack of Polaroid pictures crumbled. The content may look horrible, but gain a new quality. The chemical and vulnerable nature of old media, gives it a new charm. That is widely sought after in a digital age of perfect and non-degrading picture and sound.

Today’s New-Age Hipsters will use any iPhone app and photo filter necessary to express their inner Analog Nostalgia, while avoid drowning in the mainstream.

Flicking through coffee-stained pictures, adjusting a heavy Polaroid collage on the wall. Choosing the correct speed, brushing away the dust, carefully dropping the needle. Something you can hold in your hand, brings more affection than what you can only see and hear, but not touch.

Clear, crisp, realistic, even three-dimensional picture and sound has its quality. But its seemingly simple symmetry only works in the correct environment. With the right codecs, connection-speed and compatible device. You’ll regret not reading that manual.

The faults and indirections of old-school photography, filming and sound recording suddenly became new. Possibly because of the lack of distortion in today’s picture. Or more likely, that the charming failure of a degraded and overexposed picture. Is New today.

Going Analog?

Going analog? That is the question of the day!

I’ve been collecting vinyl records for about a year now, and i can’t help to notice that the sound is slightly fuller than that of a CD or a digital media file, if it’s better is a matter of opinion. One thing i DO know that vinyl is better at, is dynamics, not to mention the “loudness war” (if you don’t know what the loudness war is, then look it up and come back here). I’ve never really got the point to why you should compress the sound and then turn up volume next to +4 db, sure it happens sometimes in vinyl records to (especially on EP:s for some reason) but it still has SOME dynamics.

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