Remaining Teachable

Theater Of PainThe strive to master a new talent, can easily end up in heartless emulation. Skimming through the pages of an instruction manual, without perception of context, will certainly end your career as the Romantic Hero. Reflection and Consideration from the words of the Wise One, does not involve Obedience outside personal Independence. But to keep growing and Remaining Teachable. Continue reading Remaining Teachable

Luciferian Manifest: Self-Aware Passage

LuciferMe, Myself and I did not write this. This is a snippet from the Luciferian Manifest that can be found here: It speaks about the things I have Philosophized about, Self-Awareness and Development. Without the external influences blocking your path. Enjoy. Continue reading Luciferian Manifest: Self-Aware Passage

Dominant Gene

DominantI am the Dominant Gene. Your futile attempts on gaining the crowd, and proving me wrong gets you nowhere. Your head is full of words and facts, you utter them to the best of your abilities, hoping something will gain you ground. You fail miserably, you don’t know half of what you are saying means. You are in the submissive position of the Dominant Gene. Continue reading Dominant Gene

Depression Is – By Stacy Day

– depression is
depression is when you can’t sleep and you get so bored looking at your roof, that you spend weeks nights contemplating what to do with it only to find that you wouldn’t have enough determination to do it.
depression isn’t always suicide.
depression is ovbious to only yourself. suicide is ovbious to everyone.
depression is, and always will be, my, and many others, mays of life.
depression runs my life. makes me do things i shouldn’t do.
depression is that voice in the back of your head telling you, that you need help.
depression makes you gain weight, loose weight, not eat, eat too much.. do drugs. give or take a few.
depression has the feeling of death, without the dying part.
depression is still killing you even if you have the best things in the world.
depression isn’t just having too little, it’s having too much as well.
depression is never seeing your father happy.
depression is loosing your brother too his girlfriend.
depression is the killing of the broken pieces of your heart.
depression is slow motion and fast motion at the same time.
depression is the illusion that the world has turned it’s back on you and everyone in it.
depression is seeing happiness everywhere you go.
depression is hoping to survive and hoping not to at the same time.
depression isn’t contemplating suicide, but wishing you were already there.
depression is when the only thing that cares is the depression itself.
depression is when you are at school and you can’t remember things you learnt in grade 5.
depression is falling alseep in your favourite subject.
depression is hating yourself because your parents hate you.
depression is the hatred of your family.
depression eats your insides witha smile on it’s face.
depression is the look in your eyes when you wake up in the morning, knowing you have to live another day. 
depression is yourself. you are depression.
depression makes you who you are and who you’ll always never want to be.
depression makes you miss your old self, but once your better, you miss depression.
but for me, mostly, depression is all of these, plus, depression is when you have had it so long that you are scared of who you will be when and if you get better. you wonder if you could survive happy and if the happiness would eat you. 
now ask yourself.. do you have depression?