The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn Vinyl LP

Dodge and Burn Open

Another awesome Gift from my bae <3

The Dead Weather once again delivers the gloomy atmosphere I’ve learned to love, that is best performed by -among others- Jack and Alison <3

Dodge and Burn Front

One more to go, and my record trio is complete!

Dodge and Burn Back

Track Listing

  1. I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
  2. Buzzkill(er)
  3. Let Me Through
  4. Three Dollar Hat
  5. Lose The Right
  6. Rough Detective
  7. Open Up
  8. Be Still
  9. Mile Markers
  10. Cop and Go
  11. Too Bad
  12. Impossible Winner

The Dead Weather – Indie, with a touch of Blues

The Dead Weather - Sea of Cowards vinyl LP
First came Jack White of The White Stripes, and left a permanent musical mark on my soul. Then Alison Mosshart of The Kills, turned the blunted scar into a vibrant tattoo.

Put the two individuals together, and I can no longer differ between Melancholy and Happiness. The Dead Weather, with their two studio albums Horehound and Sea of Cowards, is a band like no other.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Will There Be Enough Water
  2. Blue Blood Blues
  3. Hang You From The Heavens
  4. The Difference Between Us
  5. I Cut Like A Buffalo
  6. Die By The Drop
  7. So Far From Your Weapon
  8. I Can’t Hear You
  9. Treat Me Like Your Mother
  10. Gasoline
  11. Bone House