WordPress Plugin – DB Cache Reloaded

DB Cache Reloaded

I have tried a number of cache plugins for wordpress, but DB Cache Reloaded has been the best one so far. It caches SQL database requests rather than whole pages, which is how WP Super Cache works, using less memory. This plugin CAN be used with WP Super cache if you really want to, but i don’t recommend it.

DB Cache Reloaded is actually an improved version of the previous just “DB Cache”, I think the reason for the new version is because of that the creator stopped supporting and developing the plugin.

What do you think?

WordPress Tutorial – Step by Step on how to blog using WordPress.com

A great tutorial on how to set up a blog using WordPress.com

However, i would recommend that you get your own web host and upload the WordPress “self-hosted” package to it, that way you will have so much more control over your blog. And you also get to upload much more richer content.

WordPress Total Cache Plugin


So, Cache means faster website ey? Well not in my case, the wordpress plugin “WP-Total cache” actually made my website slower! I was able to diagnose the problem using firebug, some CSS sheets tog a very long time to load, probably because they where cached some place, so i just disabled the plugin and POW!!! a super fast wordpress site!

Tell my about your experience, and leave a comment below!

Using Fancybox With WordPress WicketPixie Theme



As you might know already, the fancybox wordpress plugins does not work with the WicketPixie theme out of the box. But luckily, i have found a solution! Here’s a step by step guide:

1. Download, unpack and upload fancybox to your server.

2. Go to your wordpress settings.

3. Click “WicketPixie” and then click “Custom Code”

4. Go to http://fancybox.net/howto and add in the tags to your “Custom Code”

– Now the setup is done, here’s how to implement it. –

All you have to do is to add class=”fancybox” to your objects, here’s an example:

<a href="example.com/image.jpg" class="fancybox"><img src="example.com/image.jpg" /></a>

And you’re done!

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