Google Advanced Search: Google Site Search – Search Website Contents

Lesser Ury - Reader With Magnifying GlassIts quite an annoyance when you badly need a search feature, and it just doesn’t exist. When all you got is confusing menus, crappy graphics and giant (foolish) listings. Google has a very useful feature that helps out, that I don’t see used very often. Its called Google Site Search. Continue reading Google Advanced Search: Google Site Search – Search Website Contents

How To: Save Disk Space, Bandwidth and Load Time on Website Images Using

SmushItIf you are a web developer you know the importance of disk space, bandwidth and load time when it comes to images. And it will become increasingly important latter when web 2.0 becomes standard among with HTML5. You need a way to compress the images, and I don’t mean resizing the image, which can also be a good idea for thumbnails.

If you don’t want to sacrifice your high resolution image by resizing it, you can use to compress it. will remove unnecessary bytes and diverse colors from your image, without spoiling the quality, and in the process save some space. The savings can be as low as 0.97% reduction to as high as 36% reduction, nevertheless, it’s a good idea.

Just go to and upload your image, the website will do the rest. Have fun compressing!