Toxicity, ramblings revisited

Slash Circle

Running uphill, glooming into the abyss, momentary bliss and [insert cliche here]. Old habits are hard to break.

Because who needs boredom, new ideas and short for-the-hell-of-it experiments when there are so many distractions to pay attention to. All for the sweet prosperous addictions spanning an entire pink-ish spectrum of caffeinated fizzy goo, potent brownsticks and borderline titillating explicit content. Keeps you running, forever. I can sleep when I’m dead.

Ye olde windy, wet and rainy drizzle. A stimulus transacting the old conditioning of many solitary hours outdoors, with bright thoughts of the future, followed by the recognizable black bile oozing once again. Unconvinced if any small successes during the day, week or week before that had substance. New thoughts to ponder.

What once gave strength and endurance, albeit temporary, slowly start making its sneaky reentrance. A point-five-second reconsideration jumps it’s stock all the way past startup, post and production. All this time, the throttle varied, while it was all choke. A past -lean- state of mind starts to dwindle, seduced by an -rich- ecstatic optimism for future endeavors. Please don’t stall, please don’t stall.

Wheels, circles, cycles. Old habits are hard to break

TheThinkingAtheist – Afterlife

YouTube video “Afterlife”, by TheThinkingAtheist

Original (YouTube) Description Continue reading TheThinkingAtheist – Afterlife

Escaping Reality – Rinse and Repeat

Clouds Of ThoughtSoak, soak, soak. Rinse. Soak, rinse and repeat. Sometimes the human mind is too susceptible. Soaked in synthetic hormones and neurotransmitters for a couple of years, then rinsed in absence of the stuff and finally soaked again from abstinence. In other words: prescription, slow and steady detox, prescription. The cycle repeats. Continue reading Escaping Reality – Rinse and Repeat

You Cannot Win – Its All In The Numbers

Slot MachineFrom the predetermined consequence of an electronic slot machine, to all the advanced algorithms that recommend what entertainment to consume. Mankind’s vision of a predetermined destiny changes significantly. Rather than being of a supposed divine essence -divinity created by humans to begin with- it misfires and is rationally interpreted as man-made phenomena. This in turn can perhaps have a negative effect when culture, human activity, is involved. No futile, insensitive, code-strip should decide what I want to see and hear.  Continue reading You Cannot Win – Its All In The Numbers

Goodbye 2011 – America in despair

US States and CapitalsI have never analyzed a past year as much as I do now, as to question why has been answered by my closest family and relatives. In a tone of my, supposed, increased maturity and experience in life. Regardless of their perception, it seems that I’m not alone when it comes to the greatest nation on earth. The United States of America.

Perhaps it is only related to my personal interests, but I sense a touch of melancholy and despair whenever I hear about this country’s place in the world. Slight repression of the people, corporate empires, obesity epidemics, ridiculously high debts and idiotic conspiracy theories. Somewhere, underneath the stupidity, I sometimes come across illuminating substance. That shift my focus for a while. Continue reading Goodbye 2011 – America in despair