Unknowingly Sharing – RSS Ghosts

RSS Feed

With the massive expansion of new blogs appearing on the web, complete understanding of the various features blog-platforms offer is next to impossible. Considering the pace at which these blogs are created, and inevitably, taken down.

To mistake a spam comment for a serious one, or perhaps accepting an ill-intending pingback are honest rookie mistakes. But to be completely ignorant of a subscription feature, that can be read and analyzed by anyone or anything, has some implications.

Many of the blogs I’ve seen are by, like my self, flesh and blood people with no business interests. Using his or her blog as an open diary, documenting a trip or even as a cheap egotistic publicity portal.

The lack of interest among the blogging community may act as an illusion. The illusion that the content published can never be interpreted as acts of the blogger’s personal conduct, or perhaps fanatically studied.

As with trying anything new, a little research beforehand never hurts. Neglect, or even avoidance, from SEO-traffic generating tools wont keep stalkers sticky hands away. A ghostly RSS-feed is anonymously publishing in the background, and is anonymously downloaded daily. In an almost voluntary privacy violation.

Throwing Until Something Sticks – Lack of Preparation

Post-It Notes

Very little in this life can be foreseen, even less prepared for. School, training, practice. Valuable time spent on the crossroads towards a preferred goal.

A tight schedule, new routines, new books and new equipment. Images and imaginative scenarios pop up, expectations rise. Reality comes at second-hand, and ends up unbearably boring.

Disregarding the analytical, intelligent and hard-working individual in his routine. When on auto-pilot, there is a Lack of Preparation and the general attitude towards life is to Throw Until Something Sticks.

Suddenly there is time to do whatever. No hunger, no thirst, no tiredness. Just hopelessly restless. Objects of different shapes and colors in the current environment, sparks allot of imagination and an unintentional brainstorming session begins. Lets throw some ideas at the wall, and see what sticks.

Stressed Beyond Recognition – Fading Anguish

Charlie Brown - Cries of Anguish

All work, preparation and study comes to an end. Hopefully with a satisfactory result, if not a reward. During the process of creating -writing, painting, composing- there is a minor sensation lurking in the back of your head. A sense of stress, a sense of anxiety. Continue reading Stressed Beyond Recognition – Fading Anguish

Varför reagerar vi som vi gör? – Ett gästinlägg av Jonathan Olsson

Love Tattoo

När man pratar om livet och du tänker tillbaka på de händelser som du varigt med om under ditt livs resa så finns det något viktigt som du alltid kommer att förknippa med alla de olika händelserna och minnen du varit med om. Det är något som antingen kan få dig jätteglad eller jätteledsen beroende på vad du tänker på just för tillfället och vad du förknippar med den händelsen. Det finns något som väller fram inom dig när du plockar fram specifika minnen och något viktigt, något du ofta inte tänker på, som uppkommer tillsammans med det minne eller minnen du valt att plocka fram och bearbeta i dina tankar. Naturligtvis tänker jag på känslor! Continue reading Varför reagerar vi som vi gör? – Ett gästinlägg av Jonathan Olsson

Escaping Reality – Rinse and Repeat

Clouds Of ThoughtSoak, soak, soak. Rinse. Soak, rinse and repeat. Sometimes the human mind is too susceptible. Soaked in synthetic hormones and neurotransmitters for a couple of years, then rinsed in absence of the stuff and finally soaked again from abstinence. In other words: prescription, slow and steady detox, prescription. The cycle repeats. Continue reading Escaping Reality – Rinse and Repeat