Emotional Obligation

Fragile EmotionIt can be difficult to classify what is considered human, since the issues raised are by humans and are to be answered by humans. The debate is usually raised when trying to find justifiable reasons to injure, kill or condemn your fellow man. More often that not, arguments -sometimes knowingly- are presented with some sort of Red Herring, Straw Man or Emotional Justification. Slowly fading away the facts, and going straight to the heart. Continue reading Emotional Obligation

Zeitgeist: The Movie, Part III. Opening Story, “Monopoly”

I really enjoy watching documentaries, they give me a different kind of thrill. Not related to fast moving action or cheap physical humor. But makes me think and forces me to be critical. Questioning not only directed towards my-self, but the movie it-self. What really caught my attention during the introduction of Zeitgeist: (#3) Moving Forward, was the short story about the game “Monopoly”. Continue reading Zeitgeist: The Movie, Part III. Opening Story, “Monopoly”

What Happens In Facebook, (Do Not)Stay In Facebook

I came across this YouTube video today, and its quite scary. I will admit though that I haven’t taken the time to confirm its quotes, claims and references. But its chocking if true. The focus is primarily on the American user-base, and how statistics from your preferred music, movies, books, politics etc. Can be used to, among other things, generate revenue among different markets. All stated in the terms of service.

Please watch the YouTube video in full, and make your own judgment.

Gap In Perception

Same But DifferentMuch of what we think of as Free Will, is an illusion. Its simply the governing forces within our bodies. Such as hormones, moralities, pleasantries and obligations towards others. That alter out initial choice of action in any situation. Notice that Free Will focuses primarily on the collective part of the human spirit, not on the individualistic. Individualism has no pre-written obligations to fulfill, collectivism has a Gap In Perception. Continue reading Gap In Perception

Childhood Collectivism

Choral GroupInterdependence among children, regarding intellect, is mandatory. In order for the child to understand the ethical and normal stereotype within her circle. Common sense and logical structures have been past down from parents, and gets reflected during play with other individuals her age. Being a living, breathing and thinking individual never felt so good. Sadly, the structure collapses when obligated to fulfill her duty, public school. Education ruled by a political framework where the majority rules, disrupts individual identity and teaches acceptance towards unfair leadership. Childhood Collectivism creates segregated groups, hate towards abnormality and unnecessary self-hatred. Continue reading Childhood Collectivism