Genetic Variation in Origami Roosters Offspring

I was fully aware of the fact that Genetic Variation is essential for Natural Selection, in the process of Evolution. You would think, like I did, that this only implies to organic material. But reality proved otherwise, Origami Roosters are subject to Natural Selection as well.

Like Father, Like Son. Look nothing like each other. A new species perhaps?

Clicky Clicky :)

Jupiter and Her Moons

I got the idea out of nowhere, make a scale model (almost) of Jupiter and her moons! But what should I make it out of? What about… Origami swans!! Yeah! Here’s the end results:

Ass you can see, I have included Jupiter in the middle and her four moons Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. I had to write their initials, since their whole name didn’t fit on the body. By the way, I made it in school :)