Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta: Inspect Option!!

Hello again!

As you probably know, I am currently using the Mozilla Firefox 4 beta and at the time I am typing this I am using beta 4. I’m not sure if it is a new feature added, but I have noticed some new stuff in the tools menu that wasn’t in Mozilla Firefox 3, and one of those objectwhere “Inspect” and it works just like in the add-onFirebug“, just open it up and point your cursor to where you want to inspect. The small but annoying thing about it is that I can’t copy any of the links that it finds, bummer…

Anyway, I find this really useful and i hope the Mozilla team of developers will add more features to it in future releases.

Do you find this feature useful??

Are You Using The Mozilla Firefox Beta?

Yeah, are you using the latest Mozilla Firefox beta? If not, then i highly recommend you to give it a try, sure it has a few bugs here and there, but it is a BETA. And it’s also a great opportunity to give Mozilla some feedback! It’s really easy to leave feedback too, just click the “Feedback” button in the top right corner and chose either if there is something that made you “Happy” or made you “Sad”. And don’t forget to fill out the user studies and check the “Send data automatically” in the settings!

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64-Bit Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS X

Minefield 64-bit

How long has it been? How long have we been waiting for a 64-bit Mozilla Firefox for mac? The Mozilla team and the community seem to have a problem with getting gecko 64-bit, but isn’t that already available for Linux and Windows? Come on!

And i have heard some rumors about there not being a great speed improvement with switching to 64-bit, i really hope that’s not true, we want a stable and fast Mozilla Firefox running on 64-bit, Don’t we?

What do you think?

Mozilla Firefox Tip: Changing the default MailTo Program

If you use Mozilla Firefox, or any other web browser, you know that if you click a link that has the “” as a value (in other words, a email link) it will launch a email client like iMail or Outlook, which in some cases you don’t want.

So i came across this video on YouTube on how to change it to Yahoo! or Gmail, the web based versions.

Goto Options > Applications > Search for “Mailto” > Select your desired action in the dropdown.

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Mozilla Firefox Addon Tip #3 – Fasterfox

Fasterfox Logo

Mozilla firefox running slow? Don’t know why? Don’t wanna mess around in about:config Getting frustrated?

Well then, just install the “Fasterfox” plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Fasterfox adds all kinds of network and graphic tweaks to your web browsers settings and makes it a hole lot faster!

Here’s the link:

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