About The Site

peppoj.net is a blog that is both run and updated frequently by peppoj. It contains everything from technology tutorials, to deep philosophical questions. Basically, everything that peppoj thinks about. Have fun!

About me

Hello World!

I’m a boy on his way towards adulthood. Who loves to be active in music, blogging and philosophy. I’m a very kind person who loves discussions about new unexplored realms of thought, and sharing or gaining a new perspective. I am very active in what I do. Which usually involves pondering deep questions, learning a new subject or hanging out until the morning hours.

I am very open minded when it comes to music, and my taste varies greatly from time to time. But there are a few artist that have kept with me, along with some great genres. To name a few, I like: The Kills, White Stripes, KT Tunstall, The Dead Weather, Stone Sour, Seether and Shinedown. Along with some awesome oldskool: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Chuck Berry or AC/DC!

I switched this domain from a dull HTML/CSS, manually coded layout. To a more modern WordPress driven platform, as an experiment. I wanted to test if it was easier to get my ideas across using this method, rather that the old one. After about 3 years of publishing information this way, I can safely say that it was a good move. I can’t say that I am super popular in the blogosphere, or the Internet in general. But I have my moments with good feedback and discussion.

My interest in Philosophy comes mainly from subjects at school, that spoke to me in ways I have never experienced. I wont go into detail, but I can safely say that it changed my outlook on life. I’ll admit that I sometimes get hung-up on some points, never reaching a conclusion. Thats why I keep most of my ideas open for criticism.

My “tech-savy” side is something that has always haunted me. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve found myself glued to a computer, phone or VCR just out of plain interest. I have since then always tried to keep myself informed of some common device’s inner workings, and practiced acronyms for RFC protocols like a mantra. My attempts to focus my energy at specific areas like coding, web, networking or information security has only made me restless this far. If I had to choose, I’d partition myself in the “Grey Hat, Sysadmin” department. Although, I have yet to make use of my skills in any business.