How to secretly follow someone on Instagram using RSS


The willingness of Social Media users to share personal information today, is a stalkers dream. There is no art in viewing a Instagram feed anonymously, but grabbing updates, comments and likes without the user knowing. Requires a little clever use free services and RSS-feeds.

Note that in order for this to work, the Instagram user MUST have his/her feed PUBLIC and NOT PRIVATE. 


  1. Surf over to
  2. Search for the user in question and view his/her profile.
  3. Grab the RSS feed by clicking the RSS link.
  4. Paste the RSS-feed link into your favorite RSS reader. may not be the quickest website to update its feeds. Nonetheless, you are now following the Instagram user anonymously. New photo uploads will be posted to the feed.

Good luck spying!

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    • Gators

      When I use this approach, will the person I am following get a notice that someone (anonymous) is following them?

      • peppoj

        Hi Gators,

        No, the person you are following through RSS will not get a notice or see you. is the “follower” and you are simply subscribing to its feed.


        • Jeff

          what if there is no rss icon?

          • peppoj

            Hey Jeff,

            Just check for ‘type=”application/rss+xml”‘ in the page source, and you’ll find the link.

    • Sam

      Will the posts appear on my instagram feed or on the feed of the website ?

    • Costa C.

      Create a private list of Instagram users with Instafollowlist app on iPhone. You can secretly follow them and view their photo feed without them knowing. You can also zoom in on the photos with this app.

    • Ozan Dikerler

      You can also use free app You can follow anybody and if you leave your mail address you get the newly shared image in big resolution