Thunderf00t – ONE Second to Change your Life

Another great monologue by Thunderf00t. Discussing perspective on time, distance and space. To the awesome visuals powered by Open-Source goodness.

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The software used to make this video is free!
It’s called celestia, and while it can be a little awkward to use, when you know what you are doing it’s very powerful.

Just some rough conversions.
1 year is ~ 30 mn seconds (30 000 000s)
1 light year (distance) is ~ 30 mn light seconds (30 000 000s)
1 light year per second (velocity) is ~ 30 mn x speed of light.

~5 minutes, length of this video
~5 years ago, the iphone
~40 years ago, man walks on the moon
~150 years ago, first electric lightbulb
~400 years ago, enlightenment
~4 000 years ago, pyramids
~50 000 years ago, first human art
~5 000 000 years ago, first human use of fire

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