Stressed Beyond Recognition – Fading Anguish

Charlie Brown - Cries of Anguish

All work, preparation and study comes to an end. Hopefully with a satisfactory result, if not a reward. During the process of creating -writing, painting, composing- there is a minor sensation lurking in the back of your head. A sense of stress, a sense of anxiety.

A sense of anxiety can be compared with pain, fear and stress. The thought of not completing on time is painful, you’re scared of experiencing a failure and stressed with so much work and uncertainties ahead of you. Outside expectations makes the process even more overwhelming.

At the end of the day. When all of the current goals have been completed, and you’re half asleep in front of your computer screen. The rush and stress from working still remains. Handwritten notes, empty bottles of coke and scattered cigarette butts is the receipt from all the hard work. A fading anguish is the reward.

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