Escaping Reality – Rinse and Repeat

Clouds Of ThoughtSoak, soak, soak. Rinse. Soak, rinse and repeat. Sometimes the human mind is too susceptible. Soaked in synthetic hormones and neurotransmitters for a couple of years, then rinsed in absence of the stuff and finally soaked again from abstinence. In other words: prescription, slow and steady detox, prescription. The cycle repeats.

Its known that mental health is partly affected by physical factors. Lack of sleep, not enough exercise, poor diet etc. But even if you fulfill your physical needs, you are still mindful of mental understimulation.

Twelve hours of sleep, ripping with dumbbells, stuffed at MickeyD’s. Overwhelming thoughts of accomplishment and pleasure, life is great. But soon enough those clouds of thought slowly divide and fade. Clear skies has never been so scary.

Restless until a point of madness, stressed by slow-moving people, anxious from a difficult question. Routine has flushed away so much creative ability, new motivations overshadow your diminishing childhood curiosity. Teenage angst was just an encore.

All the knowledge you have gathered through the years may have set you free from superstition, but the creeping misery never ends. Force fed information, outside your interest, only increased your perception of pessimism and told you how to be afraid. Society and education never mix.

You may have fooled yourself once, but not twice. The forbidden fruit made reality manageable, its absence broke the fine structure you built, and now you came crawling back. Back on the juice you despised for so long.

I may be escaping reality, but I’m still standing. I’m livi… Surviving

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