Energetic Arrangement – Conservation of Mass and Energy

Swirling ThoughtsAnother well established scientific fact, turned into a new-age fable. Some over-simplified version of the Mass-Energy Equivalence opens a door for new ideas, related to our own existence. As the general idea goes: “Mass and Energy are two forms of the same entity. Therefore, death is not the end of existence. Since the mass of the corpse breaks down into energy, useful components that continue to nurture the earth”. All true and good, but this flawless logic cannot possibly apply to consciousness. As I’ve heard some new-age’rs claim.

Take the claim for what its worth. I guess its better if superstitious individuals at least try to agree with scientific research, instead of preaching some worn-out God of the Gaps argument. When all you have are charismatic speakers with influential secretaries, and corporate funding. Repetition, doesn’t equal truth.

As I have stated before. Many things can be divided, but not rebuilt. The same goes for a brain, and its consciousness. Its broken down to essential components for life, which fuels other organisms in the chain. All those countless neurons have lost their energetic arrangement, forever.

Must not all things at the last be swallowed up in death?Plato

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