Enclosed Madness – Fear of Questioning

Scared CatIts a known phenomena. From schoolteachers nagging about the dangers of smoking, to high-end lecturers loudly expressing the effects of Nazism. Madness occurs when collectives are Enclosed in their ideals, for better or worse. Whatever the aspect. Duty, Honor, Cause, Religion. The collective will blossom in its conduct. However, a group is nothing more than a bunch of individuals, and someone will always suffer.

Doing something just because a large sum of individuals are doing it, has never been a good argument. But we sometimes fool ourselves, Ignoring our own healthy cristism and sceptic ability. For the benefit of a growing majority.

Perhaps the feeling of fear can overturn the most rational human being. Painful absence of belonging, melancholic sense of neglect. Combined with a pressure to speak up in social media, we join a crowd. Which we will most likely regret.

Something that is universal, in individually patronizing collectives, are distractions. Common things in everyday life, television, radio, Internet. Work and entertainment practically delivered to your senses.

Distractions from any critical thought. Time and energy, wasted away. There’s no more stamina for debating misconduct, in your own ethical judgment. Better go with the flow and accept the unjustified safety.

In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for grantedBertrand Russell

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