Emotional Obligation

Fragile EmotionIt can be difficult to classify what is considered human, since the issues raised are by humans and are to be answered by humans. The debate is usually raised when trying to find justifiable reasons to injure, kill or condemn your fellow man. More often that not, arguments -sometimes knowingly- are presented with some sort of Red Herring, Straw Man or Emotional Justification. Slowly fading away the facts, and going straight to the heart.

You probably recognize this from debates about abortion and theology, where personal opinion sometimes speak louder than established fact. I have both heard and contributed to these kind of discussions my self, and its a real workout trying to keep up. When it really get out of hand, the topic diminishes and attacks on personal conduct are frequent. With phrases such as: You cannot possibly think that this man did the right thing! or Who are you to say what this man/woman can and cannot do with his/her body?

Its important to sometimes slow down and think things through before spewing out a bold statement relevant to the topic. Not unlike the old tested, proven and useful advice: Think before you speak. It works great when composing a speech or message, but can be a conscious effort when trying to get your point across in a heated discussion. Not to mention alcohol induced stasis.

It is natural to give a clear view of the world, after accepting the idea that it must be clearAlbert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

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