Truth, Not Desire. The Battles of Blind Arrogance

Fuck YouPreaching a radical opinion, in an effort to gain different perspectives and (maybe) see how far the limits of hate-speech go. Will perhaps stir an uproar among the crowd, depending of course how language is used. Arguments are well laid out, victims of discussion have been plucked and the debate can begin. Lets set the timer and see how long before truthful arguments, turn into embarrassing arrogance.

It may be wrong, it may be unheard of and it may even be intolerant. Whatever the circumstances, new ideas gain value when they are shared. No matter how unsettling or provocative they may be. Rules (authority also) must be questioned, for there to be any progress. As an act of rebellion, or just for the hell of it. The leader should fear the led, not the other way around.

Comparing independent evaluations of the issue at hand, may blind you of what is already there. That your initial argument lose its value and shared interest, from ignorance of more well-established ideas. Emotions take over as a last resort and arrogance, perhaps even anger, is the consequence of that effort.

Good intentions to bring new and independent ideas, are shun from lack of integrity in the subject. From a healthy attitude of creating a cause and observing the effect, to an attempt of arrogantly outsmarting and act embarrassing in the process. Try to keep desire out of intelligent conversation. Truth is more important that your individual needs.

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserableJames A. Garfield

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