Lame Recurrence

Rocky PathThoughts or experiences that are fully understood at the end, but keep repeating due to wishful thinking. The thought-pattern has been laid out before. Old ideas pop up, disguised as new ones, with slight alterations to the original. An unexpected turn of events, turns into the most satisfying experience of your known life. Your imagination works hard in an attempt to, unknowingly, recreate what once was. What can be gained from this Lame Recurrence.

Independent thinking is hard to define, does it ring of a creative spirit? Or perhaps the ability to avoid influence from popular belief? Creating new ideas and concepts from scratch, requires there to be something to work with from the beginning. The engine needs fuel to run, as well as a starter engine to start. Making a conscious effort to avoid influence from pop-culture, by directing your senses away from the Television and throwing it out the window at the same time. A world full of commonsense may not agree with the universe inside your head.

Experiencing what is new and unknown in your current state, can be either exiting or frightening. First impressions and perspective, are based on what has already been experienced. Strolling on the road of the unknown, you discover more and more. Until the subject is mastered. Then hopefully you realize, that it was not the goal that made you long for recurrence. But the path itself.

Good Judgment comes from Experience. Experience comes from bad JudgmentUnknown

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