Intention Without Goal

Intention SignThere is no good or bad, only intention behind acts and granted conclusions. Intention is the first link, building up the chain of acts, leading to a conclusion. There are no presets or, conscious, dialogues magically aware of the future. Judging success or failure on the basis of ending, calls for a painfully stressful occupation. Much can be analyzed from the very beginning. Starting with an Intention Without Goal.

Lack of creative spirit, increases the potential for a solely logical and pre-tuned mindset. Debate based on blockbuster dialogues and judgment based on track record. Emotions can quickly alter individual effort, before any call to action. Routine and avoidance of abnormalities, blocks mindful stimulation and instead solely falls for the conduct of others.

Minor thoughts, small gestures and insignificant words build up. Unaware of the effects, both parties adapt and adjust their superego accordingly. Abrasive collective thinking and childhood conduct, keep the arts trio going. With resemblance to the scientific method, a Chain Of Acts grow taller within mindful individuals. Her focus on enlightenment, captive within the worlds borders and experimentation with the limits of risk. With nothing more than intention and an unwritten future, her playful manners will flourish.

Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold — but so does a hard-boiled eggUnknown

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