Gap In Perception

Same But DifferentMuch of what we think of as Free Will, is an illusion. Its simply the governing forces within our bodies. Such as hormones, moralities, pleasantries and obligations towards others. That alter out initial choice of action in any situation. Notice that Free Will focuses primarily on the collective part of the human spirit, not on the individualistic. Individualism has no pre-written obligations to fulfill, collectivism has a Gap In Perception.

Our bodies are complex machines. Active mindfulness is still a small part of the whole body, it may have the ability to control thoughts, but not chemical formulas. Control over such aspects as food ingestion, sexual orientation and feces excretion are almost impossible. The collective mindset sometimes forces the individual to ingest food within predetermined time periods, have sensual fantasies with one of the particular sexes and pee when spoken to. Not much liberty of choice.

Ignoring bodily functions, the individual still has the freedom of thought, considering her Cherry Picked philosophies of life. Freedom to choose paths of thought, contemplate words of wisdom and draw conclusions based on evidence. All is reflected with the aggressive need for publicity and feedback, Freedom of Speech is something we all can relate to. The Individual should never have to be sacrificed, intellectually or physically, for the greater good of the greater number. A football team on the field, is not a team, but eleven individuals. A small, but significant, Gap In Perception.

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